Accelerate Your Business with Clarity and Confidence

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, you have a powerful vision and a greater calling.

Having clarity to bring your vision to life and the confidence to get there is key to unlocking your potential. Creating a business that is in alignment with your heart is about tapping into your intuitive wisdom and following a path of knowing instead of allowing scarcity or fear to keep you stuck. It’s to empower yourself from a place of peace and consciousness.

Imagine how it would feel to always lead from the connection to your soul and unlock your infinite potential.

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I’m Dr. Shweta Oza.

It brings me great joy to help and guide you to create prosperity in your business, experience sol (whole) success and live a harmonious life filled with joy.

My personalized mentoring programs  begin with soul work and end with strategy where your heart leads your head – for true leadership is all heart!

Meet Shweta

I was introduced to Shweta at a very painful and emotional time. I had lost my bearings and was in the middle of a marriage breakdown. My business was struggling and so was I. I was unsure of my next steps and scared.  Shweta’s patience, practical advice, tough love was literally a saving grace.

— SKL, Wellness entrepreneur, Canada

Operate from your heart space

Creating a space where entrepreneurs  are supported and held is the core of what I do. By helping you connect with your inner voice, you can walk forward with self-confidence and empowerment.

Business is a reflection of what’s inside of us

Being in tune with yourself and desires is the first step for taking committed action. I facilitate a space of sovereignty to help entrepreneurs remember that they are in complete and total command of themselves and their destiny.

If you are ready to reach a new level of growth and thrive, let’s create a roadmap that aligns your business with your higher calling.

Let’s Work Together!

The only way to create and maintain sustainable prosperity in business is through personal growth.
I embark on a consciousness-expanding journey with you and your business to help you clear what is blocking your path to success, prosperity and abundance.

Mentoring for Business Owners & Leaders

I mentor entrepreneurs, startup founders, authors, healers, organizers and leaders to consciously access their wisdom, awareness, and voice, while guiding them to shed blocks and old patterns so they can build, grow, establish, expand and serve through their businesses.

I offer a customized and comprehensive approach to help you identify blocks and limitations, and transform them so you can expand your business, grow your revenues, strengthen your relationships with your team, your clients, all your stakeholders and navigate your challenges – all with ease and grace.

Shweta helped me to find my owner inner wisdom and challenged me to live more completely by my truth.

— BT, USA, C level executive in bank

Helping business owners achieve a harmonious place of sustained growth and expansion is a result of my nearly three decades of business expertise with a specialization in a broad range of energy alchemy practices.

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