One of my great joys is sharing the message of harmonious growth as key to prosperity and joyful blooming.

Dr. Shweta brings a unique perspective to the areas of expansion and growth. Her talks bring the subtle ideas and energies into the practical reality with simple, easy to implement takeaways with a potential for huge impact for people and businesses.

Dr. Shweta speaks on various topics at the intersection of Business and Energy Alchemy such as Conscious Leadership, Creating & Sustaining Prosperity, Startup & Business  Ecosystems,Spirituality in Life and Work, Alchemy & Alignment, etc.

Few of Dr. Shweta’s previous speaking engagements have been  at

  • Association of Consumer Research Conferences
  • Marketing Science Conference
  • University of Maryland
  • University of North Carolina
  • University of Illinois @ UC
  • University of Miami

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Shweta’s talks are clear and evocative. Her strengths are connecting well with various audiences, aiming at full comprehension of complex issues, and considering the needs of her public. Whether she works with evocation (telling interesting stories) or reflection (asking insightful questions), I invariably felt stimulated and left with the desire to learn more.

Dr. N Koukova, Associate Professor of Marketing, Lehigh University

Upcoming Talks

December 2019

Dr. Shweta will be sharing her vision for creating sustainable growth for startups @ Vibrant Startup & Technology Summit, Ahmedabad, India.