If you are ready to shift out of patterns and negative thoughts that keep holding you back  and consciously create a business that is aligned with your soul, then let’s work together to co-create your future.

My Approach

Through one-on-one mentoring, I help promising business owners consciously access their wisdom, awareness and inner guidance so they can come into alignment with their true self and soul essence.

Your life experiences and soul expression is unlike anyone else, which is why I offer a customized mentoring approach. I will approach your growth and self-alignment process in a way that is unique to your needs with a focus on transmuting all that no longer serves you so you can joyfully express your true calling through your business.

Together we co-create your transformation so that you can bloom joyfully into your fullest potential.

Together we co-create your transformation so that you can bloom joyfully into your fullest potential.

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Through my mentoring packages I hold a spirit space and provide guidance so my clients can reach new levels of awareness, prosperity and creativity.

I help my clients birth new offerings, scale their businesses or transition out of businesses that no longer served them.

My Philosophy

My proven programs are based on a merging of modern scientific and business knowledge with ancient wisdom lineages of energy and soul alchemy.

In these programs I bring over three decades of experience assimilating, integrating and embodying the wisdom of these modalities – through education, research, practice and, most importantly, embodying it in my life and my work.

In my sessions I teach you time-tested practices so you may bring your spirit into your business and align the two so there is infinite potential and harmonious growth.

I embark on a consciousness-expanding journey with you and your business to help you clear what is blocking your path to success, prosperity and abundance.

You will feel confident to make strategic choices and firm decisions by listening to your own wisdom.

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With Shweta I learned to connect to my emotions. I’m an emotional person but I didn’t know what I was feeling. And that’s where Shweta’s mentoring proved to be so helpful. In my overwhelm and fear I was spinning my wheels. I needed someone to turn to who would hold the space of spirit and what was highest and best for me, as a soul, as a mom, and as a businessperson.

— SKL, Wellness Entrepreneur Canada

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