Dr. Shweta Oza


I’m Dr. Shweta Oza and I’m here to mentor your journey to self and business growth so you may find joy, prosperity, success, and wholeness in your personal and professional life.

That’s why I focus on providing entrepreneurs with guidance to align their hearts with their work so that they feel empowered to listen to their own wisdom and create more joy and abundance in their lives.

Your business is an expression of your soul. I’m here to help you shine.

I help business owners with a big purpose achieve a harmonious place of alignment by combining nearly three decades of business expertise with a specialization in a broad range of healing modalities and energy work that give my clients clarity and self-confidence.

I believe that when we feel integrated and one with our presence, we can achieve the confidence and wisdom to step into our own being and radiate with joy, abundance, and wholeness.

I offer a signature method that combines more than three decades of business knowledge with systemic and well-studied self-transformation work. I guide, mentor and coach entrepreneurs from a space of embodied wisdom.

Facilitating the consciousness-expanding journey of self-learning, healing and empowered growth to a space of joy, prosperity, success and wholeness is what my programs are all about.

When I met Shweta I was confused, heartbroken and at a crossroads in my life and business. Now I feel certain that I can take care of myself, despite of all uncertainties that are coming. Now I can say I have clarity. I have perspective. I am turning toward a brighter future – in my life and my business. These are big changes for me. I am grateful!

— SKL, Wellness Entrepreneur Canada

My Journey

The beginnings . . .

I have worked with entrepreneurs and leaders since the age of 10, first with my father in his international business and then with small and medium enterprises and their founders.

Following that, I continued my intellectual pursuit moving continents, earning an MBA and then a PhD in Business. For the next decade, University of Miami was my academic home, where I taught, researched and spoke about marketing, consumer behavior and consumer decision making.

As a professional, I achieved all the goals I set for myself: earning six figures, landing a prestigious job at a university and gaining a reputation as an expert in academic research.

Yet, even when my work was my greatest joy, I craved more.

While I enjoyed sharing my knowledge as a business professor and publishing my research on consumer behavior, I knew something else was calling me.

I was feeling the call to continue creating impact in the lives of individuals and businesses in a direct manner, much like what I did before I came to academia.

And I’m so glad I listened to that calling.

The transition . . .

I decided to transition out of academia. My decision to leave my job at a prestigious university, along with all the recognition it brought, wasn’t easy but it felt truly aligned with the path that was calling me. I knew that this new offering of mine needed to be shared from my embodied wisdom and my heart space.

I grew up in a yogic community and have always had a deep understanding of energy healing, and over the past two plus decades had systematically studied, implemented and embodied the teachings of several wisdom traditions in my own life.

Yet, I often kept that part of myself hidden from my professional persona.

Seeing the impact of this energy alchemy technologies and understanding their potential to positively impact lives, businesses and leadership, I embarked on creating and offering customized mentoring programs that merged all of my business knowledge and energy wisdom. This ENERGY + STRATEGY approach is not only successful, but also leaves a life altering impact on those who are ready for the journey

This choice gave me a sense of deeper purpose and peace. However, through this process, I also learned to surrender and trust. I learned to lead my life and create a business from my heart space.

Now, my business is a full expression of myself. It is where empowerment comes from. It is a process of creating and birthing.

Let’s co-create your journey

My mission is to mentor high-achieving entrepreneurs in their journey to self and business growth so they may find joy, prosperity, success, and wholeness through a comprehensive approach.

Accomplishments & Recognition

  • I hold a Ph.D in Business, an MBA in Marketing & International Business and a BS in Physics.
  • My research on consumer behavior has been published in reputable academic journals in the areas of  psychology, marketing and consumer research.
  • I have been invited to speak at international conferences on consumer research, marketing and psychology.
  • I have been featured in several national publications including The Miami Herald, NPR’s Smart Money, Chicago Tribune and the Philadelphia Inquirer. 
  • My research has won numerous awards.
  • I have more than two decades years experience of energy alchemy work across several modalities.

Over the past three decades I have helped entrepreneurs:

  • Connect with their purpose and develop heart-centered leadership skills
  • Build effective and powerful teams to scale their company’s impact and purpose
  • Develop and launch creative programs and offerings that aligned with their true mission
  • Refine profit centers and create sustainable business models
  • Multiply revenue and create more abundance in their lives

Working with Shweta means that huge big issues get simplified, condensed and resolved. The result is that you feel peaceful, clear and courageous for next steps. That is so empowering!

Working with Shweta creates clarity and spaciousness beyond what your mind can conceive.  If you think you’ve tried everything, you haven’t tried Shweta.

— EN, USA. Veteran – US Navy, Healer, Yoga teacher & Architect in training

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